Actions Committee

Formerly the Logistics Committee, the Actions Committee proposes actions to the floor and plans the logistics of those actions. For a large action like Target City Hall, there is a subset of people from the Actions Committee who are tasked with the lead work.


Gary Adler

Raffi Babakhairian

Bill Bahlman

Gregg Bordowitz

Steven Cordova

Spencer Cox

Tony Davis

Joe Ferrari

Garance Franke-Ruta

Jean Elizabeth Glass

Saul Kanowitz

Alan Klein (current chair)

George Kontanis

Kayeton Kurowski

Barry Lapidus

David Liebhart

Donn Maffetore

Andrew Miller

Scott Olmstead

Duncan Osborne

Tim Powers

Russell Pritchard

Adam Rolston

Michael Savino

Shawn Slutsky

Stephen Spinella

Tom Starace

Doug Warn