MHA (Metropolitan Health Association)

MHA was a group of ACT UPers that formed to sound like a real city agency so they could get on New York City Health Commissioner Stephen Joseph’s schedule. ACT UP is targeting Commissioner Joseph because they believe he is artificially keeping the estimate of New Yorkers with AIDS low to make it look like New York City is doing a better job on AIDS than it is. MHA got a meeting with him (which didn’t last long once he realized they were not a real organization). MHA has functioned as an affinity group in the past, but most of its members have moved on to other groups. Many of the MHA participants now are part of Surrender Dorothy.


Gregg Bordowitz

John Bowne

Neil Broome

Steve Cordova

Mike Frisch

Adam Hassuck

Rich Jackman

Ira Manhoff

SPREE (Timmy Vance)

Charles Stimson