Women's Caucus

ACT UP’s Women’s Caucus focuses on activism around women and AIDS. They had a big action protesting Cosmopolitan magazine in January 1988 after Cosmopolitan published an article saying that women were not at risk of AIDS from sex. They also had a large action at Shea Stadium in the Spring of 1988 where they bought 400 tickets to a Mets game and held up huge banners telling straight men to practice safe sex. Just this month, the Women’s Caucus did a teach-in about women and AIDS for ACT UP members.


Marion Banzhaf

Jean Carolmusto

Cynthia Chris

Kim Christenson

Alexis Danzig

Risa Denenberg

Heidi Dorow

Alexandra Juhasz

Zoe Leonard

Debra Levine

Rachel Lurie

Maria Maggenti

Monica Pearl

Sydney Pokorny

Karen Ramspacher

Illith Rosenblum

Polly Thistlethwaite

Judith Walker

Gerri Wells

Maxine Wolfe