Jeff Griglak

Background: Jeff is a 38 year old white man who grew up in a rural town called Perryopolis near Pittsburgh. He went to college at Pitt, then Carnegie Mellon, then went to Yale to study oboe. He moved to New York, and got into performing in musical theater. Jeff holds an administrative job at American Ballet Theatre, and he uses the space and resources there for ACT UP meetings and events. He is in a long-term relationship with Lee Raines, also a musical theater performer and also an ACT UPer. Jeff and Lee do not know their HIV statuses, but plan to be tested this week.


Role in ACT UP: Jeff is on the Outreach Committee, and he and Lee do a lot of wheat-pasting. He is in the affinity group Seeing Red.


Groups/friends at the meeting: Lee Raines (long-time partner), Outreach Committee, Patrick Moore, Seeing Red


Specific tasks at the March 13, 1989 meeting: Seeing Red is on the agenda, during the Target City Hall report, to ask the floor for approval to use the ACT UP logo on their posters for Target City Hall.

Jeff is also on the agenda later to announce a zap of Governor Mario Cuomo’s office in the World Trade Center on Thursday where Cuomo will be announcing the opening of a 66 bed AIDS facility in the Bronx. He will ask anyone interested in participating to meet with him to coordinate.


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