Jim Eigo

Background: Jim is a 37 year old white, gay man. Jim spent his childhood in the Bronx and his high school years in a suburb of Philadelphia. He got a partial scholarship to study playwriting at the California Institute of the Arts, then went to graduate school for playwriting at University of California, Davis. He then became the playwright writing for a theater collective associated with the University of Maryland in Baltimore for two years. He then moved to New York. He was often involved in activist groups (anti-Vietnam, New Mobilization for Survival, Amnesty International). In the early 1980s he started writing fiction. Jim came out in his late 20s/early 30s. Most of his sexual experiences were at gay movie houses. When Jim first came to ACT UP, he heard Vito Russo express to the Floor that Iris Long had extremely important information to share about virology and the drug development process. This made Jim go to a Treatment and Data Committee meeting, where he quickly develop a working relationship with Iris Long.

Role in ACT UP: Jim is on the Treatment and Data Committee. Though Jim has no medical background, he has developed a specialty for understanding drug approval in the United States, and complements Iris Long (a knowledgeable virologist, but not a great public speaker) as the main writer and speaker on behalf of the Treatment and Data Committee. Jim is also in the affinity group Wave 3. 

Groups/friends at the meeting:  Treatment and Data Committee, Wave 3

Specific tasks at the March 13, 1989 meeting: Jim is on the agenda to make the Treatment and Data report:

Additional information: https://actuporalhistory.org/numerical-interviews/047-jim-eigo