Wave 3

Wave 3 is an ACT UP affinity group (a sub-group of 5-20 people that demonstrate together at actions) that formed at one of the first ACT UP actions that implemented a wave strategy for civil disobedience. Instead of all affinity groups doing civil obedience at once and all getting arrested quickly, affinity groups went in waves so the action would go on longer. Wave 3 was, naturally, the third wave at that action, and they stayed together as an affinity group, becoming one of ACT UP’s most prominent affinity groups. Kayeton Kurowski is the main organizer of the group.


Brian Damage

Richard Deagle

Pam Earing

Jim Eigo

Deborah Gavito

Mark Harrington

Jill Harris

David Z. Kirschenbaum

Kayeton Kurowski

Margaret McCarthy

Russell Pritchard

Marvin Shulman

Carl Sigmon

Ken Woodard

Scott Wald